A Symbiotic Powerhouse: Design Thinking & Agile Methodologies

Harnessing the Combined Power of Empathy and Agility for Innovative Problem-Solving

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Recently, I had the opportunity to join a unique session titled “Design Thinking + Agile: a symbiotic powerhouse duo!” organized by Butter. Hosted by Anna and DJ from Aginic, this session provided insights into how the creative mindset of Design Thinking and the iterative approach of Agile can become an ideal partnership to revolutionize the way we approach problem-solving and innovation.

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A Meeting Point of Two Powerful Frameworks

Agile and Design Thinking might seem like two different schools of thought, but when applied together, they create a symbiotic relationship that bolsters creativity, flexibility, and rapid iteration. The session laid bare how these powerful frameworks can complement and enhance each other, transforming the way we run projects.

Aginic’s Approach: Agile, Design Thinking and Beyond

Aginic’s culture emphasizes creating an environment where saying “I don’t know” is not considered a shortcoming, but rather a starting point for collective problem-solving. Their primary objective revolves around transforming the way people experience data. In this vein, the difference between Design Thinking and Agile coaching was addressed.

Design Thinking coaching focuses on maintaining a designerly mindset, always emphasizing the human perspective throughout the design journey. On the other hand, Agile coaching zeroes in on fostering productive collaboration among individuals and teams, breaking down barriers, and aligning stakeholders to drive business value. The crux of the matter is that both methodologies are committed to driving value for the end-user or customer.

Design Thinking and Agile — A Closer Look

Design Thinking advocates a mindset that is guided by empathy. The decision-making process is collective and it encourages the co-creation of solutions. It’s a user-centric approach that keeps humans at the centre of the solution.



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