Ask More, Know More: The Art and Impact of Curiosity

The Role of Effective Questioning in Personal Growth and Future-Proof Innovation

serhat bilge


Who are you?

Where does the world come from?

The book “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder begins with these two mysterious questions. Humanity has always asked questions throughout each era. For instance, it's hard to identify a culture that has not asked about what a human is or where the world comes from. Thanks to these questions asked throughout history, we have gained the ability to “question” and step outside of our usual patterns. History clearly shows us that for each question asked, we can come up with a multitude of responses.

In Sophie’s Garden of Eden, it is thought that “eventually, at any time, anything must have come out of nothing and emptiness…”, but in this piece, we will look at some more discernable points. We have accumulated knowledge that asking questions is a greater competency, even virtue, based on the answers given.

But why?

If we look back, Goethe says, “Those who cannot account for three thousand years will not find their way in the dark, they only live day by day.” Meanwhile, Milan Kundera says, “Man’s ignorance comes from having an answer to everything, his wisdom comes from asking questions to everything.”

Can you relate to the idea that your existence and role in the future will be shaped by the questions asked today? How would it look like if you identify asking as capital not only for innovation at work but especially for self-innovation? If it sounds logical, let’s dive deeper:

This capital has four cornerstones:

  1. Questioning the Existing
  2. Reaching Insight
  3. Increasing Team Communication
  4. Focusing on the Future

As an individual, you should have a common goal in every context you find yourself in society: Ask more and better questions!

So how can we better ask these questions and foster innovation with them?



serhat bilge

a mindful poet, a visionary multidisciplinary designer and future digital anthropologist with a focus on innovation facilitation.