Doors Not to Open

26.08.2323 | Topağacı, Petra Roasting Co. | Poetry after an ashtanga practice and having chit chat on espousing

serhat bilge
Aug 26, 2023
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I practised through my breath,
To explore my body’s integrity.
I reached out to the corpse,
From subconscious to self-conscious to superconscious.

Then, a patter of rain on a temple roof
Came to my ear.
I wondered.
It was hot, and there was no rain;
I was sure.
There was a taste of something,
Never really lost, never really found.
Then I wanted to open my eyes,
Yet I was dead; remember?
I couldn’t open my eyes.
So, how was I supposed to find the answer
I was seeking?
The resolution has come
With the intention of this conflict.
Paying attention to my faith enables me
To see the clarity.

Hearing the sounds on the roof was enough,



serhat bilge

a mindful poet, a visionary multidisciplinary designer, a strategist creating system designs via social network analysis