To tend

04.04.2022 | aboard from Los Angeles to Istanbul | A poetry to investigate willingness to love

serhat bilge
May 1, 2022

to explain


I wanna be Marlowe

even no one knows me

to see

what others cannot

especially in you

I wanna be Leonardo

to be brave

to you

I wanna be Sappho

to exceed the limits

to find myself

to explore

to understand what you need

to say all the beauties unsaid

just like water

I wanna keep all the memories

wanna be shapeless

wanna be genuine

wanna heal

to try to change

even to spark

I wanna be de Beauvoir

I wanna fight

for what I believe

to not give up

I wanna be Curie

wanna continue


to feel you

I wanna be myself

with my whole existence

with my all integrity

to be happy




serhat bilge

a mindful poet, a visionary multidisciplinary designer and future digital anthropologist with a focus on innovation facilitation.